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Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Center Overland Park

Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Center Overland Park


Drug addiction presents in different ways. It is remarkably different from the media portrayal of a person struggling with substance abuse. A characteristic witnessed among drug users is an inability to recognize their addiction. Friends and family may point out a dependence first. Even then, a person might still dismiss the claim, asserting that their drug use is entirely within their control. But as any sobriety and recovery center can report, this is one of the first signs that abuse has set in.

Signs of Addiction

Subtle physical changes. These include bloodshot eyes, a change in skin texture, face puffiness, impulsive hiding of forearms, itchiness, and slurred speech. The complexion of the user changes, and they appear flush.

Changes in appearance. Long-term abuse suppresses appetite, leading to marked weight loss or changes in body composition. There is disinterest in physical appearance, so the person looks unkempt.

Drug paraphernalia. Syringes, rolling papers, rolled banknotes, pipes, bongs, lighters and burnt spoons are all indicators of a drug habit. An assembly of prescription pill bottles, beer cans, or empty liquor bottles is a telltale sign, according to every local drug and alcohol treatment center.

Interrupted sleep patterns-. Sleep quality reduces with continued drug use to the point of insomnia. Sleep hygiene is lost, and the person cannot maintain a regular sleeping pattern.

Behavioral changes and mood swings. The more frequent the use episodes, the more withdrawn the person becomes. Fear, shame, and paranoia prevent them from socializing. They become defensive when you point out their drug use and unpredictable. Moments of euphoria alternate with prolonged periods of stress.

If their addiction continues, severe depression sets in. Suicidal thoughts start creeping in, and severe withdrawal symptoms become commonplace anytime their system is free from the drug.

The person might refuse help until they admit powerlessness over their drug use. Many rehab centers in Kansas point to this admission- essentially rock bottom- as a critical turning point.

Drug abuse leads to physical and chemical changes in the body. Most people require professional addiction treatment to overcome their habit. The treatment aims to remove the substances from the body (through a supervised detox) and provide therapy to reprogram the mind to function without chemical alterations.

Counseling is key to solving the addiction puzzle. It undoes the damage from addiction by attempting to understand the reasons behind it. This awareness makes it easier to learn how to cope with the chaos of life without looking for an escape.

Drug and inpatient alcohol rehab centers dedicate most of their time to therapy to provide mental support, peer support and teach new behavioral strategies. It also addresses the risks of relapse and how to avoid them. It helps diagnose co-occurring illnesses and resolve past traumas to give the person something close to everyday life. To a long-term addict, a rehab center might seem like the surest sign of defeat. In reality, it is the best chance at freedom.

Addiction is a severe mental health issue that can have detrimental health effects. At Gold Bridge Treatment Center, we specialize in addressing various addictions using traditional and modern approaches. Please contact us today at 913-837-4653 to inquire about our programs.


Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Center Overland Park
Gold Bridge Treatment Center
Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Center Overland Park
10702 W. 142nd Terrace
Overland Park KS 66221

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